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Skill enhancement system: kinda bland

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After awakening skill update, all of player's upgraded skills learns from Hongmoon books (and food) have been converted to Hongmoon skill enhancement points. Currently, we have 15 points (10 from books and 5 from reaching lv60), and there is no doubt that there will be more, either from achievements or cash shop (KR has begun to sell this too).


At the present, the system is kinda okay, but utterly bland:


-It only does one thing: increase damage of select skills, varied from 10 to 25%. Simple to the point of too simple, when you compare how rock many skills become in term of functions when it got HM version before, like Warlock's HM Sanctum lasts 10s from 6s.


-If a skill has many versions (normal, advanced and Soulburn), they will be all listed. Earth Summoner has Sunflower, Super Sunflower and Awakened Sunflower, which are all the same skills, just a bit different in function and availability. Gunner has two variants of non-SB and SB for Quickshot and Bullestorm. Granted that you will want to put points according to whether a party has SB or not, but isn't it a bit cumbersome? Why don't just make consolidated them into a single version and give spare points for other potential skills?


-You cannot enhance the skill you want. There are many available skills that you will never bother to spend enhancement points on. For example, Summoner's Briar Patch.



I think BnS should take some samples from Lineage 2, which is also from NCSoft and has similar system:


-Instead of just simply increase damage of a skill, skill points should be able to have different ways to enhance a skill. For example, Summoner's Flying Nettle can enhanced to either deal stronger additional damage on Ivy Poisoned target, or last longer on the field with more tick (duration), or have reduced cooldown.


-Instead of a lot of variants of a skill with SB and non-SB, just consolidated them. Also, skills that are basically the same like Briar Patch and Flying Nettle should be one too.


-Outside of damaging skills, non-damage skills should also be enhance-able. For example, Summoner's Huzzah! can be have more healing ticks for party, or give additional defensive buff, or give a status resist iframe for party during the skill animation. Warlock's Circle of Hostility can give critical chance buff, or even more AP buff, or recover focus.


Obviously, these enhancements won't make it to PvP side.

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