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Blade Master Starbreaker Bracelet


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My friends was able to reproduce this as well. They noticed on they own without me pointing it out, so this bug definetly exsists. Here is a short video about it. It can happen any time basicly if any other skill is active. At the start of the fight it never happens.




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Ok, my gear https://imgur.com/a/SLm10B6

Skill order in that specific video: Blade Call active (V) - RMB (honned slash) - LMB(bleeding edge) - repeat until cooldown is off from Lunar Slash (tab) and used Lunar Slash.

It alaways happens if you want to refresh the bracelet effect when its around 0.5 sec or less to expire.


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this bug is definitely not limited to just skills.


it occurs in the context of other classes, and also food/potion items as well.


for example if you have a spicy dumpling buff that is about to expire...

if you consume another spicy dumpling to refresh it just in the dying moments of the previous dumpling, it will not refresh and will not take effect.

the new dumpling will be consumed, and the old one will expire. and you do not get a new dumpling buff.

will happen with soju ap potions too.

I've had it happen with EXP soups.

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