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warden passive still not working as written in description,namsoyoocool


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ice passive ,  8% ap on bladeward works, attacks doesnt recover any resilience or hp , 5% dmg reduction is too low to be even noticeable



lit passive, 8% ap on seismic /1.2% ap on hit (3times) works , movespeed is not noticeable at all so its w/e, speed is the same when running normally out of stance except you move your legs like a lyn:HajoonCheer:  / attacks doesnt stack any rage or recover any hp, ocassionally something  gives you a bit of rage out of the blue, couldnt find out what ,cause the talent that supposed to give 5 rage when you get hit isnt working properly  either :HajoonWow:



and for goodness' sake let me disable this pure garbage of a skill 



 im sick of getting randomly cc ed because it stops and resets attack animations, i just want to sit in my bladeward comfortably not care about silly stuff like this

why did they have to make this garbage a permanent passive skill :HajoonConfused:, i already rerolled to  ice anyway :JinyungHappy:


||yes i put the text above the pictures to trigger the snowflakes,in the end im just a forum troll for a dead game that nobody cares about anymore :HajoonHappy:||

consider this discord censored :ArftosPlease:

but atleast the class got nerfed to garbage tier now, even tho 50% of it is not even working lul


im enjoying those new p/\y70M1|\| boxes  , got 1 square in 60 and nothing else, kappa




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