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Well so  i got a I5 6400, got my setting at combat optimization and i play with "hide caracters".

But guess what in every stun bar when i gotta press "space" the game crash .... cmon i wanna have fun and  chill while i am playing not ragging coz ur game  is crashing every EVERYYYYY single time ...

Hope you guys do something ,thank you.

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As others previously mentioned, the fix for this issue is quite simple, disabling the context reflex guide or whatever that thing is called will kind of help.

And dont worry, you are not alone.

Speaking from my personal experience: i have in fights such as MSP average fps of 7 or so. The funny thing about it is, its that low, no matter what i do. Lowering the visual settings to absolutely zero, or highest possible, with or without characters hidden, nothing helps.

Its the engine.

Just wait and hope for the best from the so promised conversion to Unreal Engine 4.

That is the last thing that can save this game.

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