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the guild war system


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The best PvP event, which is gonna more interesting most players, is Guild War Battle System. This event is hold for every guilds to fighting each other for competing the field. I think the field is should be big just MSP. Each guild will choose 24 best PvP fighter, 12 frontier  and 12 for back up for switching. Unlike the normal battle ground which can regain life for press 4. Each player just have only 1 life, this gonna make more player playing interesting and strategy. The battle will have 2 sides, 1 guild (last time winner) will be defender, other guilds will be attacker. PLS don’t set up time cause gonna make less interesting. If the 1 member from 1 guild attacker can take down the flag, that guild will be the winner. The winner will take place the special field from the last guild owner. The special field will be design having boss field which reward to 100% have Evolve stones and what’s else stone for pet. The winner guild will allow to farming bosses for 1 day. The next day will be hold the battle ground again as defender. Of course, the guild defender will be benefit from the map and position to defend. The attacker guild have to read the map, position of defender and set up the strategy to take down the flag from defender and put new flag on. This event should be hold at least 5 guild (1 defender and 4 attacker).


I know the merge server will come soon. It will be more guilds which gonna make it difficult to hold this event. So let decide the 4 guilds attacker will be choose from the winner selection battle ground. The selection battle ground will be big as the MSP, every guild will have base, the guild job in this battle ground is defend and attack the other guild base to take down the flag and put new flag on. The last player from guild survive in this battle ground will be the winner. Everything is strategy. Hold this selection only 5 times, set the times available for most players, so they can join in easily. This battle ground will be hold at least 6 guilds. Pls don’t set up time, let them fight until death, every player will be have only 1 life, only resurrect by SF, no resurrect charm available in this battle.


Every buff charm will consider as the strategy for players.

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dude noo  what if sf sucks  and dies  make charms available  otherwise  why would they just remove them  if they dont let us use them xD

and noo people wont be intrested  they just wanna do dailies and stuff xD and i believe most clans dont have that much people online  only elitist clans will fight then :/ 

there is a reason they get rid of 24man raids and some server merges btw  


also they need to find a way  to use buffs like bb/sb without being in a party  or sf res.   they havent really found it yet.   

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