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Outdated Bipolar Info & the lack of detailed guides


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I look for online info for Warden and I delve through endless search results never have the answer I need. It's either opinion, conflict of style play and outdated forums. I searched for Mystic Badges and Soul badges the other day on bns tree but Warden was not added to the data base. Screenshots of accs, badges or whatever would help a lot. If we could just see all of the items and everything... are there any resources that someone could recommend? I mean like the whole gearing options for everything.


Wow, how I miss the old paper back guides that you could buy that had every single item and everything down to the last potion listed, how to get it, where to get it, what you need to get it, the enemy you had to kill to get it. Internet guides suck, scattered abroad. 150 search results and forums... that's half of the problem right there. I don't have time for this clicky click world. Are there any PDF's for this? What a wind striding nightmare.

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