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How to find higher level ascend stones?

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I tried merging and entire row of combination of radiance(5)+ascension (3) and ended up with a low(starting) grade radiance stone -- why wouldn't I get a higher level radiance, at least -- how do I get higher level ones?


Also -- where would I find the higher level ascension stones?  Since the trove ended I've seen nothing higher than low(lowest level) grade stones, no heroic nor legendary.  Seems like this is a bit futile if there is no way to increase levels since I can't increase my set effect unless I have higher grade stones.    Thanks!


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The boxes for ascension stones at cold storage have a chance to give you a blue or purple one (rates aren't that great tho)

Higher than purple you would need the sparkling box which is not available anywhere outside trove yet.


The sparkling box can give you a purple with a chance of legendary ascensions tone.

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2 hours ago, Cohen said:

You can buy them from the vendor in CS. There are two boxes you can buy. The more expensive one contains higher grade stones.

Sometimes merchant of wonders has the boxes too.

The vendor in CS and Merch of Boredom both have had same merchandise whenever I've seen them -- one with radiant, and the other with ascension stones.  The more expensive one is the ascension stone which runs 2x the radiant ones.  Neither have ever purported to have more than a turquoise-quest reward. 


That's why I asked here -- having gotten 1-2 boxes every day from CS and rarely the merchOfBordom, have never seen anything other than lowest level (turquoise).

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