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Game doesn't launch


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i've just downloaded the new launcher2,  so i couldnt run the game for some reason, so i tried reinstall the launcher, but for some mistake i reinstalled all game, and now i'm trying download it again, but i'm getting that message :failed to download the file (5385), and i dont have that bitdefender, just the windows 10 defender, can anyone help me please, i alredy put launcher app on exclusion on firewall/defender

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Until now I played BnS with the old launcher because I can't install the new one but now it doesn't work anymore. My laptop has Windows 10 Home and when I install the new launcher it shows up in my downloads but when I open the game it tells me to install the new launcher and when I open the game directly through the launcher it tells me there is an error and I need to install the launcher and game.

Maybe someone knows how to fix this?

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They clearly stated that from April 17th the game won't launch with the old launcher, so you have to install the new one. If you have problems with that, you should contact the support.

Showing in downloads does not mean the launcher was getting installed, btw.

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