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Ethereal battlegrounds when?

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So.. lately ive really been craving for some old fashioned open world content maybe even faction content! Its too bad i joined the game in the last days of silverfrost which was the last time ever that open world questing was relevant. I dont want anymore peach lands or moon refuges.. i want faction daillies some daily open world content i can do thats worth my time! It would be awesome too if everyones gear in the area would be equalized so that there wouldnt be no more oneshotting other lvl 60s because the gap between baleful and grand celestial is way too high! 

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8 hours ago, ImoutoMaster said:

I see your point but i think its much more needed to remove the gear in BG. Open Worl PVP is supposed to be gear based.

I thought like that a long time ago, i don't think so now.

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14 minutes ago, Grimoir said:

considering Zulia is crimson and yura cerulean....

Both servers are blue dominate, it's just Zulia has a fair share of red clans.


There are currently no faction areas that are around our gear. Faction content isn't really going to happen if there's no reward and people will just stack one side for farming. Misty and SSP were failures from the start.

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putting moonstone back would be nice, but with server merge. I would expect farming would be more difficult and over-crowd will happen.


Another side thing is there would be more outcry and rage across SSP's as i would expect some open world pvp'er from either Yura and Zulia would try to "have fun"  The last time i visited SSP (maybe like some months ago) There were like certain cartels and sort of cooperation between farmers. Deciding when and what kind of battle phase that will occur along with some control on Soulstone farming.  My old alt clan targeted this activity and as expected outrage occurred down to the point of arguing between our clannies and theirs in facebook pages.  Expect many more of this to occur.  No real harm but it's kinda pain to deal with somewhat.


Ethereal battleground, providing it scaled to our gear level maybe.. might help alleviate some of the overcrowding problem and provide other (which sadly for me still pvp) source of moonstone and we cannot have too many source of that.

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