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Let not talk about Loggui Stage 4, I have bigger problem with Burning dungeon

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For someone with 1.2m DPS, I cannot complete Longgui Stage 4 for emblem. So my only other source is tryhard with Burning Mausoleum, which daily gives me 6 tokens.


This dungeon is another gear-check that requires 1m DPS for each party member. At least it is a bit more accessible, as you can get buff classes along the away.


However, it has been a week and I only have two dailies done. Seeing a recruitment is extremely rare, lest about successful runs. Either I don't see any recruitment, cannot gather geared players cuz they finish it/give up for my party, or someone are confident about that their fleeting weapon will somehow help to reach DPS requirement, ignoring their draken accessories.


I dunno what to do now. It is kinda depressing being excluded from the event, even partly. This game's constant event running is what keeps me busy with my alts (mind you, they are geared enough to carry their own weight. I scrapped the weak alts cuz they are no fun to play with), as this game has nothing else to be busy with for a pure PvE player. With no event activities, all I have now are camping F8, hoping some interesting runs will happen.


Positively, I will take this as a break and shift my mind to non-BnS games. Negatively, I'm kinda worried about this game's direction if this gear-check/end-game event becomes a trend.

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