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Cannot fully delete game folder to fresh redownload.


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So as of the title my game crashed a couple of times and since i've uninstalled everything i could, but there's a NCSoft folder on my C drive that seems like i cannot get rid off cuz of a "0x80070570 error" 


I am speculating that that particular folder is the root of my problems. Any idea on how to get rid of it? 


-I've already tried re-installing -> nothing-



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16 minutes ago, Dru Lockheart said:

Maybe you have to delete launcher too to get rid of this folder?

Also did, I've deleted everything related to ncsoft. Still the file stays. 

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48 minutes ago, Dru Lockheart said:

When you try to install launcher, does it tell you there is an installation pending?

And is the launcher or game still listed in the windows application list?


Neither , but I ended up restoring my computer to a long (!) before and then I was able to delete that file. 


Then I ended up with a 5385 error problem for an "old launcher" I'm not sure but eventually this might have been the problem all along because everything seems to run smoothly now.


Atm redownloading the game (currently 11%) hope everything's going to be fine.


Thank you for your interest. :)



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