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Invincible Soul Badge or Colossus Soul Badge?

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I'm a hm level 16 warlock who has a Magnum soul badge. I'm using the frost build. I was looking at BnStree for tips on what combination of badges to go for, and for frost build, invincible has the most votes for frost build. This one would be easier for me to get considering I do the daily challenge every day, and could get enough solar energy to purchase the alluvion badge from the dragon express. For Colossus however, it seems the easiest way to get the transcendence soul badge is to grind Mushin's tower several times. I don't even know how to defeat Yunsang, so getting 450 prayer beads to get the 45 sets I needs seems a little outrageous and excessive. Could someone please shed light on this conundrum for me? Thanks!

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