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Giving us a copy/paste KR event when our gear is way behind`

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Pretty sure this is already mentioned but easily buried in the dozen other threads venting about this event, so here's just one glaring thing.

NCW why in the world did you give us a copy/paste event from KR server when our gear is way behind compared to theirs, not to mention our gaming culture is also different?? In KR server literally every other person is a no-lifer or whale, whereas there are WAY MORE casuals in NA/EU server, so max TT gear for them is probably like max VT gear for us. This is pretty much the equivalent of releasing brood chamber or CoS when our endgame raid is BT, would that make any sense? Did you actually pay attention to our gear level in NA/EU server? This event is really questioning that. Yeah let's try to close the gap between NA/EU and the Asian servers by releasing identical events instead of actually giving significant boosts to gear.

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They might have pay some attention on the gear difference (they have more stage of soul, heart...), and tried to remedy it with one-hour/one-day fleeting weapon. This weapon did not exist in KR event, and is taken after TW's P2W weapon (they have a cash-invested path outside of our normal raid/non-raid path).


The thing is this weapon alone is not enough. It may help some people at A9 and below to have enough DPS to clear Stage 4 provided they have the right gear and ping, but its improvement for the event is questionable to a majority. Also, this is not a GC weapon, as its buff work completely differently.


It would be much better if they just adjust the boss HP according to NA players' gear instead. I remember the old day when lv50 was first launched. Yeti had 7m HP to accommodate with NA players having better gear than KR player when the same content was launched in their server. This example proves that NCWest can adjust to fit their own playerbase instead of just simple copy-paste, but they are not willing to do for no reason.


Honestly, I would much prefer they gate the content behind Ma'o instead. First, her DPS-check can be accustomed much easily to current players' gear, with about 300k DPS (excluding mech time). Second, fighting her is a skill-check, as she requires some efforts to learn her rotation. The feeling when you down him is much more satisfied. Take a look at Sacred Loggui Stage 4. What does he have? A lot of HP and strict timer, and every of his attack can be side-stepped. And Surprise! Some people defending this DPS-check boss may feel so proud killing such a simple boss that require no skill, cuz NCWest helps them to gate a majority of players behind something that only top-geared can achieve.

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