We are down to 1 server as of April 24th folks. That's bad. That means we are continuing to lose players. It has already gotten to the point where it can be hard to find enough people to do a dungeon at certain times of the day. If we continue to lose players, it will only get worse. Wildstar was an NCsoft game too, and it isn't dying. It is dead. Completely dead. Servers are down. You can't download the game. You can't make a character. You can't log in. You can't play. The game is gone. It could happen to B&S too.   I don't know about you, but I like B&S. I have put a lot of time into B&S, and I like my character. I also feel like it is still the best MMO out there, and I like MMOs. I don't want to lose B&S. However, if you like the results you are getting in life, keep doing what you are doing. If you don't, then you are going to need to change something, because continuing to do what you have always done is going to continue to get you the results you are getting now. Therefore, if NCsoft doesn't change something about its business model for Blade and Soul, it is only logical that B&S will continue to bleed players. I am worried it could go the way of Wildstar.   Yes yes, the graphics increase is coming. Archer is coming. Awakening. Blah blah. Those things are temporary boosts. Do you really believe that the addition of those things will be what the game needs to quit bleeding players long term, and bring in new players, making the population increase steadily long term? Those things are going to make the difference? Nah. What needs to happen, is the game needs to be made more fun or entertaining. Make us want to pour hours into the game because we want to, not because we feel an obligation too. Obligation is a negative feeling on your chest like a weight regarding something you have to do, not something you want to do. We should feel a light happy positive feeling of anticipation about being able to play Blade and Soul because we want to. More replay-abity, not more grind. Yes, that is a tall order. It requires good design.   It is on NCsoft to make people want to play their game. How are they going to do that? What is driving people away? Why do they leave? You need to identify that and fix it. My suggestion would be that there is a point where the game yields insufficient reward-to-effort ratio. It is WAY too much reward at first, and then it gets WAY too slow. The curve should be more linear, not so exponential.   Maybe consider changing the way the game is monetized? People seem to complain a lot about that too. Don't know if that is the ACTUAL reason they leave though.   I know Jonathan and Bethany are gone. Don't know how many other people are gone too. I know we have new management. Hope you guys have a plan. So NCsoft, what are you going to change? What are you going to do differently, or are you just going to continue doing what you have been doing?