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55 inch t.v makes everything Blurry and Pixelated

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I have an issue that is driving me a bit nuts. Recently got a big screen Smart T.V. But now the game looks slightly blurry, even the letters are hard to read in game.  And the characters look like they have rough edges instead of smooth.


Is there a setting I should know about that could fix this?

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Find "game mode" or "PC mode" in TV settings and enable it, also disable any post processing on the TV (noise reduction, interpolation etc), any kind of processing on TV will raise your input lag, which can be a problem on TV's as monitor.

Disable scaling in your GPU drivers, guess you have 4k TV and perhaps using lower resolution in game, so drivers upscale it and it can make it blurry. Other than that I would need to know which TV it is, to help you further.

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