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Upcoming Server Merge Question


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I currently play Jinsoyun Server and as i can see Jinsoyun + Eisenherz and Naksun Servers is becoming one into  Jinsoyun Server does this mean my ping which already is not amazing is going to potentially get worse or will it stay the same as currently is sitting at 130ms.


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6 hours ago, Rhazy said:

This means that all periferic players, like Portugal, cannot have good pings and the german player will be in advantage on this.

That's a stupid sentiment. Do you mean they should relocate their Jinsoyun server to Portugal, so that anyone in Central Europe will have bad ping instead? Fantastic idea.

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Hi Viblo,


Fisrt of all that is not a stupid sentiment, because I dont care where the Servers are maybe the sentiment is yours due to your lake of understanding what I said. I said that servers just in German without any others around Europe is benefic for the ppl of that Country it doesn't mattter what Country it is my Friend.

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