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Please Put Accessory Upgrade Materials in Moon Refuge

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Trying to upgrade accessories is becoming such a huge pain. Today I ran DD 20 times trying to get the Numok bracelet to upgrade my divinity bracelet past stage 6. The only one I saw went for 158g. Meanwhile, I saw 3 of the legendary horizon belts that went for minimum bid. Why are these necessary upgrade items so rare? It's hard to find parties for these older dungeons if they aren't on the list for the DC for the day. And looking at upgrading BT accessories, I will need to farm Awakened Necropolis for a Lucent earring. This is just an alt for me, so I'm not planning on getting TT accessories any time soon, but I would still like to have decent gear.


Please please please put these items in Moon Refuge so that we don't have to run outdated dungeons to upgrade our accessories.  I would so much rather farm there than run such unrewarding dungeons over and over.

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