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Ring of Reckoning Stage 2

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So, I'm probably missing something here but when the turtle does his rage burst thing I get insta-killed, like my health bar just goes. I've tried using my defence skills like Maelstrom and vortex (Blade Dancer) but nothing, I just die. I'm lvl 60 hm 14 btw. Any suggestion?

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Rage burst means you lost the fight. There's an enrage timer, as explained above, which is the same used in dungeons. You will see it just above the boss's HP bar. If you are doing very well, it disappears. But will show up again if your DPS drops again. I've seen it reaching somewhere around -10 at most before the wipe happens. It means you will need better dps to beat it. From a test I made recently, a character fresh out of story with story gear can do the first turtle fine, but may fail the second. I recently managed tier 3 and with some spare time with a measly 120k dps. I think it can be done with 100K give or take a bit. But anything lower than that will most likely wipe you.

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