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should be a direct link to bns skill crew


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Would like to be able to give feedback to support crew who deals with skills. You guys say feedback in forums but I hardly see bns changing anything we talk about. Instead you say post in a forum you hardly look at. If your going to suck at your job at least let us have some input on your stupidity. Your countering system blows. If your going to have an immunity ALL classes should have not just 4 of them. If your going to have an evasion tank or stealth there needs to be a counter to it on all classes. If your going to have a 100 to 0 air that's non tabable on some classes and others have ground 100 to 0 it should also be non tabable. Or the simple fix make airs tabable. You guys nerf frames from classes but allow others to have multi frames with immunity to cc. Countless times ive seen a destroyer,sin or kfm hold a point in 6v6. I mean just 1 vs 4 or more because they cant be cced or can counter with a short cd . Not all classes can do that with max gear.  You guys need to figure this out instead of making the game look fancy.


Sincerely from  your customers.

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