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Issue with Launcher and Screen Resolution


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Hi, when i open the NC Launcher 2 i can't view all the elements, and the problem is im not able to click on the "Start Game" button, i tried to change my screen resolution but the far it can get is 1280x800 (higher resolutions only results on black screen)

Also minimizing window doesn't work so i'm kinda lost, what can i do?, I should send a ticket?

Actually i had to change the screen orientation to vertical just to verify that the game is updating, but still not able to reach the start game button TwT

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7 hours ago, ImoutoMaster said:

so your screen is 1280x800 ? its time to get a new one. Full HD is standart for like what 12 Years ? soon in 2 or 3 years 2k will be standart or 4k i belive.

like i said at top im using 4k monitor for playing at 4k resolution


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