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Why leave achievement requirement on Hellion gear

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If you have played this game for more than 6 months it makes perfect sense.  Things get changed in steps.  Eventually the requirements will be dropped at all vendors. watch how they do shields and that will tell the entire tale for all the other gear. you now can get 1st 3 celestials with no requirements. First longuii shields were the bomb. Then they started giving those away.  At one time you could only get the first few BT shields, then they gave them away and now they are trash because they are giving away the next level aransu shields in moon refuge which only were unrestricted a month ago. (well you could get the 1st 4 unrestricted with the 1 week of free premium, which I did on the last week of free premium).  


My advice: if you want unrestricted hellion core bling vendors in mushin's tower, just wait a month and you will have it. If you are in a hurry, as mentioned above, farm spiders.....

for example: I KNEW king gloves were going to be on the giveaway list shortly and POOF here they are.  I get to put my good old NPC gloves in storage for the King glove upgrade. 

It took like < 1 hr to farm 120 buds, and the best part was that the gloves dropped from the NPC on my VERY FIRST PURCHASE ATTEMPT and no one tried to outbid me.


HAHA. you tricky mgmt. , selling buds in f10 shop on "free king glove" day.  




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