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Gunslinger ping issue?


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Lately i've been noticing on my gunslinger that when i attack, often the ping will suddenly double for a short time and it's really annoying to have happen, it actually tends to say its much lower but it acts as if its much higher, I tried to test some things out such as taking all of my gear off and then trying to fight, this is when the ping goes higher instead of lower. 


Is there anything that could be causing this or is there any information on this somewhere? It seems to only happen on the gunner, I've tested on bd, sf, bm, kfm and destroyer and it doesnt happen at all.


I contacted support but none of that stuff they made me do did anything to fix it or even help it, I even went ahead and reinstalled my network adapters to see if it was something on my end but it still happened so i ended up completely resetting my PC to see if that helped at all and it did absolutely nothing, so i thought i'd ask on here and see if anyone else may be having this issue or if anyone has figured out a fix for this 

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The ping you can see in-game, is not your actual ping to the server. The one displayed has a lot of factors builtin so you should never trust it too much. At least i think this is what you mean. That ping spike happens on all characters.

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I'm aware the server delay isnt the actual ping, and after testing it on all of my characters it only happens on the gunner 


EDIT: After further testing I've found out it's actually caused by using the V skill while having the Aransu badge equipped, so the badge must be bugged. 

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