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Question about Martial Tome for ForceMaster


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In the new Martial Tome for FM, the top line under Talents has a choice for 1) Hot Head, 2) Tinder and 3) Blazing Beam.

If you choose 1 or 2, you get a skill called Dragonchar (keypress 2) as well as a skill called "Awakened Dragonchar" (also keypress 2)

If you choose 3 (which is what I have), you get 'Blazing Beam' (on keypress 2).  On the skill menu, this replaces Dragonchar, however

"Awakened Dragonchar" is still listed as though it will be available during awakening.     This is confusing. 


Top most question:

1) How can you have an Awakened skill for which you don't have the base skill?

2) Would I really get some form of "Awakened Blazing Beam (BB)" instead of the Awakened Dragonchar (DC)? 
     or do I really get the "Awakened Dragonchar"?


Related to the above are the various places where something has an effect on Dragonchar and Awakened DC,

 or, perhaps more importantly,

requires 'Awakened DC' to generate some "benefit" (like extra AP and such).


It's very unclear if Awakened DC would also trigger the "benefit".  In some places, both DC & BB are listed with some bonus effect (same or different).

In other places only "DC" is  mentioned as causing some benefit.    It's in some places if BB gets or causes some effect and was not mentioned, or

if it really doesn't get a similar+parallel effect. 


Much of the unclarity exists because of the presence of Awakened Dragonchar -- its a bit hard to envision that '2' would map

to an awakened DC because you are awakened.  At the same time, no awakened state for BB is listed.  If there is no awakened state, does "awakening" trigger 

any power change or benefit?  Anyway, I don't want to speculate further without getting some real information.





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Awakened Blazing Beam was a thing a long time ago when WL got released, but in reality the dps increase in that skill was so low (because it was ridiculously slow) that later on they removed it in one of the skill change patches and replaced it with Awakened Dragonchar instead (this happened way before the release of the specs we have now). So to answer your questions:

1) Only fire FM have this option

2) Awakaned Blazing Beam was replaced by Awakened Dragonchar and it will not be coming back at all (for various reasons). And no, you will not be able to "unlock" it.

3) Awakened Blazing Beam was just bad :D

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Yeah, but awakened dragonchars slows down DPS in simple, too much to be ignored.  I'd like for them to fix it (ha), but the game is in such decline I strongly doubt we will see it released with any new graphics engine like Unreal 4.



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On 10. 4. 2019 at 10:57 AM, chickenpoodle said:

awakened blazing beam never existed.

It did exist. At some point FM had awakened dragonchar or awakened blazing beam based on what skill they've speced. But most FM's changed spec to dragonchar when they had WL in group so awakened blazing beam was removed pretty soon.

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