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BLADE AND BUGS - my gunslinger/wl is bugged


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to start things off when awaken dropped and I wrote a post about how my gs damage is literally gARBAGE after awaken ...... I have incinerator 6      , 5  k piercing and 6k critical 4 pvp accs like 3 of them max max bt earring .... and I was like wheres the damage ?  I have destruction spec my talent is spec for more rmb damage ....... I was in beluga and was spaming rmb on ppl and saw a flat 4 k and am like whatttt????????????????? this bm got aerial and I was spaming rmb on him and hp barely moved ....so I was upset and went training room to really test something ...... when I got there




 my tombstone cool down is 1. 30 even with 3 vt ss


my bracelet wont proc when I use carpet bomb .... I realise this when I daze the dummy and spam rmb thewn daze him again and spam rmb with activating v .....its the same damage and am like whaaaaaa....... I check if I had on right bracelet and I did ........... when I hover over my skills they  are not showing in green that bracelet gives extra damage like it use to...



even when its low gear people its taking a whole lot of spam to kill one person .. I did a aerial and spa unload at someone is hp drop to 60 like how is that possible my unloads didn't even move her hp I kn ow u have talisment etc but I know my damage and I know how to gear for pvp even 5 point in quick shot and its saying 12 k to something damage .





my character is lvl 60 ...


everything is correct but something is really wrong and idk  its really ticking me off ...cause before patch I know what was my rmb damage on a daze person and even if they did nerf it the damage on a non daze and daze person shouldn't be the same and my bracelet isn't procing at all .




my wl  skill that pull stun (singulatary aor whats it name ) isnt working ...I try it on mobs didn't work , went triaing room it worked went arena not working ...... I hold 1 and then v should pop up it isn't working :(




yall should really check your skills and make sure your characters aren't bugged ....


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