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Switching Classes


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I've been playing bns on all different servers for years but I've really not been playing much of it in the past few years . My go to mains weres fm (fire), sin (og sin before elements were a thing), wl (og wl before they made the twin dragons ugly) and sf (earth), (but I have had some past experiences with all the classes but its been years) . I currently main invis sin because that's why I started playing a sin for the first time all those years ago but trying to maintain invis during boss fights is starting to get annoying since out of invis I cant do much. What would be good class to switch to? I have enough NCoins for a level 60 voucher and I wanna play something that's easy to pick up.


My idea of an easy to pick up class would be-

1) only a few combos to spam like sin

2) spamming ani cancels>less ping dependent but 1000 things to keep track of (i got good ping and a short attention span and im good with brain dead ani cancelling once i pick up the rhythm)

3) this is just a preference but nothing basic like gunners or wardens or wl or sumn (race doesn't matter to me except gons because I can't make a pretty gon girl)

4) flashy effects would be nice but it doesn't matter 


Thanks to anyone who's replied. 

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