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Outfits that should come back <3

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Hello devs and community 


There are some outfits that me, and other players think should come back to the game store (F10) or daily sell

  • White Ice
  • White Seductress & mask
  • 8 masters outfits (specially the first ones)
  • Yunwa and Yehara outfits & hairstyles (this two I really wanted them to come back)


Also I would like to see the outfits you all want to come back :)

I really wish someday we can see this costumes back in the server and I count with other players support for this petition

as for me.. pls bring back Yehara´s and Yunwa´s outfit :please:


Thanks :YeharaBig:





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I'd say that all NPC outfits should have been in their own permanent catalogue in the shop. This game has more than enough outfits to play the exclusivity game with. And the current shop has outfits dating back several years. I mean, why can't we at least put the whole cosmetics shop on rotation?

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