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Class suggestion.


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I was just wondering if anyone had any class suggestions for me. I'm just looking for a class that's strong in PvE preferably a dps class. I've tested every single class in the game but idk which ones are efficient on the long run, I've enjoyed soul fighters, kung fu masters and force masters the most but idk if they're any good on the long run. 


Any suggestions appreciated :)Insert other media

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All 3 classes you mentioned are good for pve. The question you should ask yourself what else except dps you want from class. If you not afraid of tanking you can pick kfm it can be both tank and dps. If you prefer support/dps then sf and fm are good choice as both have skills thats is realy usfull in dung or raids. And their dmg is one of the highest now.

Every class is viable in pve its a only a matter of taste and what you want realy. Some classes shines from lower tier gear till end game. Some classes starts to shine only when you get some more gear. So its a matter of what you want and dont want yo do :)

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FM is a good ranged DPS. KFM is a melee tank with a shotgun that generates auto threat. SF is a sort of salad sandwich of KFM and FM. The three of them have some good starter DPS compared to other classes that may need players to learn rotations earlier to be able to keep up. FM is good in a party when you don't want to bother with every single attack from the enemy. KFM is the center of attention. SF is a jack of trades, master of none. This is my opinion as a low level noob who's starting to see a bit more than smashing buttons to get some skills running.

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All classes are good for PVE and all classes are DPS classes, some just have the extra ability to tank when needed. Theere are only a few minor differences between each:

Ranged / Melee

Tank / DPS

DPS / Party Buff


Thats about it.

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