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With unity system, we should have the Cold Storage NPC put outside of Wintermane's room

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When I buy unity chests/keys in Cold Storage party that have orb for Boss 2, I often have to rush myself because the party will not wait for me to play RNG with unity stones to start boss 2.


If I follow them to do Boss 2, then I will get locked out of Wintermane's room due to having completed it, unless someone afks and stays behind so that the door keeps getting open.


If I stay for a bit to buy keys/chests, chance I will miss boss 2, because some party has very strong DPS and will clear boss 2 before I can even step into the room if I stay behind. Also, it is rude to make people wait.


I can also run an orb-less party so that I can stay in boss 1's room to my heart's contents, but then it means I waste my chance to get boss 2.


I can solo the run on my main, yeah, but my alts are not as strong.


So yeah, just like we have the BT quest-giver now being stationed in front of BT for the sake of convenience, I wish to see Cold Storage's NPC being put to in front of the door of boss 1, or outside of dungeons, so that I can just take my time playing with RNG chests.

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