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Launcher 2 beef


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So launcher 2 caused my pc so much trouble that I had to re-install Windows to avoid every kind of problem.

Before I did that, I was in contact with support team. This contact ended up today in the worst manner. I was not able to log in for 3-4 days and I ended up solving the problem myself. If having to uninstall and re-install Windows can actually be considered 'solving' the issue.

In the end I was in contact with 4 members of the support team. All of them asked me to run tests on my PC but they actually did nopthing more than that.

All you have to take from this is that the new launcher has some random compatibility issues with Windows 10, with your internet connexion with your AV and with OLD launcher. Needless to say that this launcher can be compared to Bless Online. It was badly coded and executed but worst of all it came to replace a launcher that did not have any issues of the sort before. 

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Hats off to NC that managed to make a worst launcher than the first one.

But here comes the best part:

Since I was the one fixing the problemS that THEIR launcher caused I asked for compensation.


-Well because all the above (but and wait there is more below too).

-But also because of the fact that it is not normal for a player to run into this type of issues and even less normal to have to fix them.

-Because of the fact that I am not the only one in the situation. Look at all the posts that have been made since the introduction of the new laucher in the forums and reddit.

-Having to deal with such issues is simply not acceptable.

Said compensation was denied BTW.


I would say that that the game situation is not getting better. The dev and support teams are litteraly looking down on the community it is not normal and I hope that players AND NCSoft staff open their eyes.

There are more bugs every update and I am not gonna talk about the KNOWN optimisation issues of the game but let me tell you this UE4 will surely fix some graphics issues but it will not change nor fix NCSoft staff, people that don't respect their own community nor the game they work on.

Old content is buggier than ever:

-DeadTide arena drops have not been fixed.

-There are some entire water covered areas that you can't windstride on despite having the Water Dash skill.

-Some areas are blocked by invisible walls that never existed before.

New content is badly implemented:

-New awakened patch has brought tons of new bugs (Gunslinger and Warden are known examples)

-Ascenscion Orbs not only have become rarer but it has made the community crazy because of loot (MOML has become a meme on reddit and BnS streams)

-7th and 8th Gem slots. What can I say about this? In Korea they use Gem Hammers and not Legendary Gem Hammer. The gem slots feature should just be removed IMO. It is useless and is a hindrance to every single players, even whales would like to spend gold or money on something else. AND NO Unlocking new gem slots should not be considered New end game content addition. Unlock all 8Gem slots for all weapons and it'll be better for everyone.


Again, this is for other players to make use of my 'misfortune' and NC Staff to wake up.

Have a good one all.

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Seems to me you just feel entitled....


Dreadtide arena - nothing to fix drops are fine costume drops aswel, its rare as its supposed to be but it does drop.

Gem slots - there were soooo many events that gave out legendary hamemrs like candy its crazy. if you missed them you can always craft them. they aren't that expensive to craft.

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Explain to me how this is entitlement please. I am curious to understand what you mean.


Deadtide Arena does not drop weapon skin. I'm not refering to clothing XD. I know this because I farmed the weapon skin and support confirmed that there was an issue AND that they have not been able 'fix it' it's been more than a year. That's a fact.


Did I complain about poor little me missing out on events? No. If anything I am complaining about stuff that does not make sense. Why legendary when Normal Gem Hammers are easier and cheaper to acquire? Why would you spend anything on Legendary Gem Hammers.  Just remove it. You can put all the events you want why would I spend event currency on that instead of something else? The mechanic is dumb and there is a way to avoid it, why keep it?

I'm not making my case a generality. I speak because I have reasons to do so, NOT because I am not happy.

Launcher 2 is only adding fire to a pile that keeps on stacking. take little details one by one, they are meaningless, put them all together and as they add up it becomes  unbearable.


Seems to me YOU are entitle assuming I said things that I did not say and taking this off topic. Did you actually read what I wrote? XD

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