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1) Why do you change from giving gem tickets where players can trade for whatever gems they want back to limiting what gems players will get? Where is the octagonal aquamarine or diamond and amber?


2) Why don't just give Octagonal Gem Exchange Ticket? It will save NCSoft a lot of time to just add the ticket, instead of lines of codes for individual gems every time a new event comes. Also, it will make Dragon Express tabs a lot less clustered that way.


3) I wish there is an event where players can grind for Garnets. RNG drops and time-specific Koldrak runs are horrible as always. Maybe I will get more chance when people are more active with MSP 4-6, but in the end it is just another RNG box, and you do not progress toward making a gem like Koldrak. And Jackpot is Jackpot, an rare occasion and only give you one Garnet, which is not enough for fusing if you ever aims for garnet-obsidian fused.


4) Why do you even bother make one-day weapon? Why not just make the weapon lasts until the event ends instead, like Fleeting Soul? It will give new players much easier dungeon experience and earn more daily rewards that way, without making them worry about time limit in daily basis. Yeah, I guess it will be cheap to make, and if you play 3 hours/day, the weapon may last a wee, and it will cost you like 28 tokens to last a 4-week events. More or less tokens required depend on how much time you play/day.


This is assumed that the fleeting weapon's timer will stop ticking down after players log out or unequip the weapon, instead of just disappear after you sleep. I know a similar event where it gives you a bunch of timed soul badges, which expired after 2-3 hours even if you don't touch them.


5) I kicked my pinky toe while reading the event's page. This event hurts me even before it starts.

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1. the way they did the event is much better since instead of a garnet gem ticket, they let you choose a garnet or obsidian which makes far more sense and is overall better for players. If you want gem tickets: blossom event gave a ton, heavens mandate / cs drops them quite fairly, you can buy them with the new event currency.


2. Octagonal tickets right now are exclusive to only the bundles in F10 which does make sense. On ce new gem tier comes out, hepta tickets will be replaced with octagonal tickets. Its just progression line, nothing more.


3. Imo garnets are fine as they are, its not a gem that should be completely handed out for free considering its stats.  But since its you, they could add it to MSP merchant for say 500-600 Lavender Nighstones.


4. Because the weapon for what it is is better than GC9 even. Its good that it expires, and hopefully people will not be able to queue with that weapon and use it in other dungeons and battlegrounds. The weapon is nothing even comparable to the soul.

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Tbh event isn't bad ...




I can get debuff gems 


And some more critical damage ones


Oct a gem give away is a steal tbh ... we will get octa when more tier gems out ...  BTW it's easy to get enough heptas to go octa

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