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2 bug about Thorn Spec Summoner


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hello, first of all when we give 5 skill point to our super sunflower , it doesnt apply when super sunflower in overflow condition.(we basically hit our super sunflower during overflow %99 of the time).Like we give 5 skill point to super sunflower but during overflow base damage is same as 0 point given,So basically makes no sense at all to give any points to super sunflower which is one of our main damage skill and is annoying.This was the first bug;Second bug is that about TT rings modifier.It says sunflower and awakened sunflower as damage boost but it doesnt give damage bonus to super sunflower.Some people said it is normal that it doesnt write there but there are 2 things that contradicts:First is in our raid weapon it also writes "sunflower" only but weapon gives bonus also to super sunflower,awakened sunflower and sunburst skill.Second thing is if ring supposed to buff only what it writes why it also buffs sunburst skill too ?I also got answer that sunburst is treated as super sunflower.Then why this kind of super sunflower gets bonus from ring and other super sunflower gets no bonus ?About first subject it is clear that %100 bug for the second i am pretty much sure that is bug.Otherwise TT rings modifier wont mean much for earth summoners since we dont use normal sunflower anymore and awakened sunflower only viable if we got warden/warlock in our party.

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1. Do some testing before posting:

Super sunflower without 5 points:













Super Sunflower with 5 points:













You can see the 5 points do increase the damage of it.


2. the ring is not meant to buff super sunflower.

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yeah my apologies in skill during overflow it still seems lower than super sf in skill page but hits harder.I guess only text is bugged not the damage.

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