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KFM fire Opinion


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I'm fairly new to the game and i'd like to hear veterans opinion on the Fire KFM spec... I do undertand that Wind does alot more damage but for me Fire feels better and i perform better with it, should i be worried in the future about it bein weaker?


( i will play fire anyways regarless i just wanna hear some intakes, pros and cons )

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Talking about damage, fire and wind are fairly even at max-gear with the perfect rotation on each specs. There was a time when fire kfm was way below wind in terms of dps, but that was way before awakening patch. Nowadays i've been seeing more fire kfms in top ranks than wind kfms.
Despite the differences, you must play what you enjoy the most since blade and soul is a grindy game.
My personal advice, go for fire kfm!

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