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WL primal force soul badge not working


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As dklm said in the classes/Warlock section of this forum, the WL primal force soul badge is not working anymore with awekening patch. All the rotation of the scourge spec is bugged, poor dps under leech, and focus go down very quickly. This bugg make the shadow WL unplayable without the pink badge. You killed the WL in PvP and you are breaking it in PvE, please guys, wake up.

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5 hours ago, MisterBrettWilde said:

hi, i read this thread before posting...but where are the dates ? when will you work to resolve that issues ? days ? weeks ? months ? years ? My main is  WL, must i make a pause ?

they said on stream they passed it on to the developers and once they have a fix ready they will let us know.

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