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Personal experience fixing FPS/Lag recomendations.

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Hello as the title tolds this is a mini-guide to try to fix FPS/Lag of u Blade and Soul client.


Get ready Open you launcher unmark 32 bits client to use 64 bits client, why you need to use 64 bits client? You don't need to but i explain now why, 64 bits client it's a High client

that addapts to Blade and Soul Graphics, with the 64 bits clients u rarely will get a Crash/Freezes why? Dunno maybe for his spec's, Following that if u use 32 bits marked on settings in the launcher you will get tons of Crashes/Freezes and lag with another ton of FPS drops that's for the people that can use only 32 bits for that i recomend 64 bits client u will go smoother but seems there's a cap's on 64 bits of 30 FPS and in this guide we will try to fix it, some people tolds why use 64 bits when 32 load faster than 64 bits client and FPS are better well as all in this world something good got bad things too i prefer play on 64 bits client for no crashes/freezes or lag because FPS drops its a constant client.


we will start with high-ends computer what we should do? this come's for 32 and 64 bits both can use it, Use control+alt+sup then put the client as high priority lows-end pc can do it too i wish u best, For Nvidia high-ends pc and lower-end pcs put u settings of the graphic card to full , note look's about the aliasing it should stay max setting possible, for quality quit it and put max rendiment so u graphic card focus more on the rendiment of the game than the graphics but look aliasing its the most important here that will increase u FPS tons or atleast i passed from 30 FPS to 120, next step one time you made you graphic card settings to max go to the ingame


inside the game- when we are in the game go to settings High-end pc go to graphics all +5 all marked and aliasing down all the scroll put the bar to +4 FXAA aliasing why? and not LEAA

graphics from Nvidia? Dunno but i think its because FXAA its made for B&S creator and its more suited for it atleast it works for me give me more FPS, option 2 optimized for battle that gives more FPS than FXAA maybe not it's just try it, 2nd step go to camera context guide unmarked and camera distance +800 that will give u some FPS more or quit the lag/freezes

that was i readed i use it but dont feel any diference but better prevent, low-énds pc's can use that too and i recomend it 100% use always all u can to increase the FPS,

telling that for High end PC's its over i wish u FPS go up and have a nice gameplay


Low-ends pc do all as i told before except all +5 just use optimized for battle if u want a good gameplay view but worst FPS etc, if you want to go smoother just use low-end pc setting on graphics, apart this goes for high-end and low-end pc V-sync and 3d monitor should be unmarked, resolution put it at 800-600 it wont change nothing but possible to give u better FPS less lag and freezes, for low-ends pc's go to graphic card use u resolution and switch it 800-600 bigger the screen bigger the FPS u will get then u cant see Blade and soul screen because its to big, theres a method if u make big the screen the UI will go bigger too and u cant see anything, for that u should go to interface-UI Scale fixed unmarked then go to

the bar and put to 70 that's the lowest and u will see the game as a normal resolution u wont read to much the quest log but if u want to have a good gameplay its something u need to pay next round when u use the resolution one to 800-600 or smaller you chat maybe will go smaller too with the ui scale u can resize it on the top corner just put it a bit bigger to can read the chat's without problem and that all my experience on low and high-end computer i wish it works for you and thanks for read this post.


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