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CPU 37% / GPU 19% FPS collapse! Help

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I switched my monitor today from a "144hz QHD Gysnc" to a "60 HZ QHD" because i dont liked the image of the new one, i will send him back.

But the problem is, now i have only mid 30 FPS, before i had over 90 FPS...but why? I have not changed 3D Setting or Ingame Settings. I run the game on Max with 1440p


The strange about it, CPU will only run @37% of his Power and GPU @19% ! Thats the problem! But how can i fix it?


I have already tried to change the Profiles from Launcher2 and B&S client Energie Settings in NVIDIA Controll Panal to Maximum Power. But nothing gone good^^


Is there anybody who know this problem and could help me? :sick:


Thank you


Liri <3 (Sorry for my english^^)


My System:

I5 4690K @ 4,4 GHZ

RTX 2080






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8 hours ago, Liritania said:

It could be that windows installed it automatcly?! Iam not sure about it. 

Its possible that this update could be a issue?

Because any other game like BDO and Overwatch etc. they run normaly

I personally experienced games which  hhad issues because there were OS updates available and not installed. So its always better to check and have it updated.

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8 hours ago, Liritania said:

I installed the new nvidia driver again, now its fixed! :)

oh, remember each time you install the driver or update it, you need to change the PhysXprocessor in nvidia control panel back to your gpu as it resets all the time. 

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