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Premium windwalk effect (2019 edition)

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So it's 2019 and we still don't have an option to turn this thing off? Yes, I know this has been talked about dozens of times before, but through this thread, I want to let the devs know I, and I suppose others, still find it a detracting issue. In fact, it makes me sometimes cancel the membership earlier than anticipated, just because I get bored of having a character with a certain theme ruined by an effect that doesn't match (like a fire themed FM or a guardian Warden, for example), or simply because I just don't like certain effects for certain classes. Now that the classes have updated variants, I believe the option to turn these off could have been the next nice thing to have.


So yeah, friendly devs, know that I still wait for this option. It will make me use premium membership a bit more often. Thank you.

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7 minutes ago, Estellia said:

I don't find it distracting at all, but you could always just turn off extra effects and effects in general, if you dislike it that strongly.

Or you an literally just not buy Premium.

I believe we must grow over that workaround. I know about those two (though dropping effects to a minimum still keeps some parts of this effect.... only uglier looking). I mean, while others let the staff know about things important right now, like lack of this or a broken whatever, this thread's purpose is to simply let all them know and remember that this specific issue still exists, regardless of what "workarounds" people have tried. Though seriously, it'd be pretty derpy if we see a staff member advising against paying for premium if the user didn't like only a cosmetic effect. Instead, I suppose the staff here have already sent this issue to the devs in Korea more than once. This is just a reminder that we are still waiting for it.


Anyway, forgive my kind of broken train of thought. Not really having the greatest of days..

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