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For 1.4k parties on F8.

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I literally have Raven 3 with basic accs and yet, I can still solo first boss before enrage. Not gonna lie it was close, think I had like 25 sec before enrage.. however how is it that people still need 1.4k for a "fast" clear ? You can see I'm doing ~200k sustain, 5 of me and the whole party deals 1.2m/s which is literally 12m every 10 sec. Boss 1 would be like 1 minute, now I know you're gonna tell me that with VT it'd be 30sec but really at this point, we're getting to a point where 30 sec is a waste of time ? xd


I just don't know man. It makes sense for top dungeons to require "top" gear but everything up to Sandstorm Temple is a joke now literally no chance of wiping, except Ransacked Treasury but it's not really bound to any main achievement such as Hellion accs to get via Hellion cores, etc. 

Yet nothing changed in F8, especially with awakening. Hell I actually even solo EC/DT/NF on this Summoner xd, what ?


NC $oft already did they part by giving legit free stuff via quests, maybe it's time we do ours ? Or else, hypocrisy at its finest. And no, I'm not a fan of NC Soft, I don't hate it but I don't really care either way too. I just enjoy playing, and with some efforts we could actually make the game playable enough for people. 

By the way, we are also not entitled to your "carry", the only thing you carry is damage. High gear players will carry when they're able to handle almost if not all mechs alone which I usually do with my Warlock. (doing 3/4 of mechs in RT is fun xd)

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There is a difference between "gear enough to clear" and "overgear for fast clear". F8 with their ridiculously high AP requirement is for the latter. Assuming than you need Baleful 12 party to clear Sandstorm Temple. Now you get a dude with Aransu 9 that deals damage worth of a whole Baleful 12 party. It is like you have a whole raid of Baleful 12 in a single 6-man. Is it necessary? Nope? It is overkill? Yup, it is overkill, but overkill means super fast clear.


You know what to blame? NCSoft and their game design:

-Very big gear gap between new players and end-game players.

-Very slow progression to shrink the gear gap.

-Reduce gold income helps fight inflation, but hurts new players, making their gear progression even slower.

-By the time NCSoft is willing to give you some gear for free (like Draken), these gear is already like at the bottom of the barrel. It helps you to clear dungeons, yeah, but no one wants you and your basic DPS cuz people want fast clear.

-Cost reduction may help new players, but it hurts veteran players who upgrade too late. And when the gear are basically very cheap to get, they are at the bottom of the barrel.

-Mech is designed to be able to skip if you have strong enough dps.

-Mech offers you no reward if you follow them, a.k.a no bonus objectives for extra bonus. No ranking system to tell you how well you clear your dungeon Thus, this reinforces the just-DPS-through-mech. Everything boils down to how fast you clear a dungeon, which boils down how many strong-geared members you have in your party.

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Late answer, legit forgot but it's there anyway. 


Your post doesn't really answer my question at all. I asked if 30 sec/1 min of clear difference is a waste of time. And when I talk about not being entitled to the "carry", I'm talking about people leaving because they see a party made of HM13 (and no, I know, HM 13-15s themselves does it as well) so they obviously think "low dps".

What's more funny is most of the time I've seen people barely sustaining better than I do with much better gear than mine so I'm doubtful about the "carrying" if anything.


I've even cleared VT/SK on this Summoner, ~6 people were dealing a sustain of 800k-1m. This, was carrying.

But your usual F8 that deals barely 100k more than me and complains about "carrying" with their aransu while we have raven ? I'm not so sure at all. (also the fact they know less 'mechs' than I do)


In short stop judging players by their gear. A player that know how dungeons works + have a basic understanding of their own alts easily sustain ~200k with low BT gear. Raven 3 is "free" (Naryu tablets + RK mat that is obtainable via. Moon Refuge) and you literally have a whole free set of BT soul shields after the quests. 

Besides, you just get 2 high VT geared players and the dungeon is already a joke, most of the mechs are duo in normal mode, literally takes my alt + another knowledgeable player and the daily purple train is completed at 75%.


The only part I agree with game design being at fault is that what it does is it literally throws new players into a cage full of "whatever dangerous" without giving anything to them for survival. The game ends up with players having no idea what "Volberus looks for his prey" even means. Don't "guide" me because no one else has any ideas about those, something in(game should be done. The new thing with the "ctrl J" shortcut is basically useless, maybe start from there because it's anything but a "game guide" at all.

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The community will not change, posts with that goal in mind like this are pointless. Best I can suggest is for you to either start your own groups, which is not so bad to do, or be more selective of the groups you join.
I don't join groups with just AP requirements because half the time, I still get kicked, people who only want AP tend to be the ones with decent gear doing under 150k dps, while you're Raven 3 doing 200k, and they still will kick you for not having *better gear*. I either join groups that are Raven 3+, or that explicitly state "Any AP" if the host is decently geared. The groups where host gives 0 details/req or just say "bring dps" often kick, so I avoid those too. 

My alts are all Raven 3, except my KFM with Raven 6, and every single one competes in damage and often outperform majority of players I meet who are using Aransu weapons with better accessories. Does it make it easier for me to join groups if I go on about that or make the community see the error of their ways and change for the better? No. But, it does help that I am able to join any group that accepts me and know that I can clear any dungeon I choose to run because, worst case, I can carry. 
Remember, you're ranting that you're doing 200k dps with Raven 3, which I can say is roughly the same as half the players I see using Aransu 3 lol. When someone makes a group, that is exactly what they're thinking about. They don't want decently geared players who may or may not know mechanics and many can't even do 50% of the dps they should be able to. They're thinking, "I want buffs and players who outgear the dungeon and hopefully at least 1 or 2 of them can carry through and make it so fast so we ignore mechanics."

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Dude those idiots with low tier weapons demanding for higher geared players to join their groups are just lazy people on their alts who want a free carry. Like the other day there was some fool who was at 1k ap with bale 12  who was demanding that people with aransu 9 join his vt group....

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