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Account Hacked and Unable to Reach Support


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My account got hacked but I'm not sure when because I haven't played for a couple of weeks. I tried logging into my account about a week ago and was told my log in was incorrect, so I assumed it was my password I got wrong and tired again. I did this a couple of times, thinking it was very strange that I apparently couldn't remember my password because I had never forgotten it, and then tried to reset my password. After entering my email address I was then told that my  email was not linked to an account. I tried all other email adresses I had, the result was the same.

  I then tried contacting NCSoft via email. I got one reply, and then it seemed like my next email never reached them. I tried sending it again a few times, tried sending it from a different email address and still received no reply. I had received the first email the morning after I contacted them, but four days after I replied to them I still had no response.

  I created a new account, thinking there was no way I would get back my old account without the help of the support team that I was seemingly unable to reach, and started a new game. I decided to check up on my old character by viewing its profile expecting to see that all the equipment I was using when I last played would be gone, but was shocked to see that everything was still there. This lead me to believe that all my other items may be untouched too. I have been collecting various rare items and outfits since I began playing when Blade & Soul first launched in Europe, and have gathered quite a large amount of items that were only available for a limited time.

  It would mean a great deal to me if I could somehow get my account back, as I have around 3,000 hours of gameplay and a massive number of items I would hate to lose. I have submitted a ticket but am open to suggestions. It would also be great if someone could explain why I suddenly became unable to reach the support team, as there doesn't seem to be a clear cause.

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Only support can help you with this so you have to reach them. Just send an email to support@bloadeandsoul.com. If you keep replying to your email without a response from them it will reset your queue and you will have to wait longer.

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