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Fix soul fighter it is to much bugged


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  1. Blood chamber is officially bugged for me when trying to block the damn orb using elbow smash.
    The orb just ignores you sometimes and goes to the boss, I tried standing still and blocking as well but it is really just luck.

    I have 60ms and 112 fps in game, I'm playing in high performance so my pc isn't the issue or my net.

  2. Sometimes the chi stacks are bugged aswell showing full stacks while they are empty.

  3. When using B ult sometimes the max hp stays forever unless using a different heal.

  4. when using q or e (kungfu master stance) it doesn't put you in a position sometimes when you see the foe, it bugs out from time to time and lets you just slide forward.

  5. the bug where you are in the middle of the fight and it switches you back from force master stance to kungfu master stance still happens.

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