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Eliminate solo/random tag match queuing (MUST READ

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alot of newbies queue for tag match by hitting ready doing this method, will get u no where literally ... so after not ever getting a tag match they just take it that its not possible hence one of nthe reason tag so dead ..alot of times i see people say am in q like 20 minutes now only to find theyn solo qing --_____---


we need to implement a method where clicking ready advertises a link for people to join your team, to search for a match, tbh this is a issue that you guys need to fix some lose en ds of this game ... these little fixes will make things easier for everyone .




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Arena is dead because it is bullsh1t.
You get 18 points for win and lose 31 points on defeat.
For a normal player like me it is impossible to get Gold.
I always end up 1590+ and then i drop down to 1560.
You need 3 wins in the raw and if you lose at the last game then you need 2 or maybe 3 games win again.
But you always que vs broken blade dancer/warden and you fail your promotion.
Before you say "get good" just look at the 60.000 HP warden shield. And the KFM with 9798968796 resists.
Why other classes got 50.000 HP and wardens have 120.000 HP? Where is the logical explanation here?
Also i forgot to mention that they can heal theirselfs. You reduce their life to 4% and then PUF 50% shield again.

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