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Can we get some ARENA EVENTS PLZZZZ(add event tokens to arena dailies )

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yall ignore that arena actually exist since the last nebula stone event with the steel heart outfit...since then yall just throw arena away.... i heard eu arena situation isnt bad but NA my gold is like so hard to find a tag match these days 1 hr to make a pty then another hour advertising to get another ppl to queue.....


if u guys add at least 1 token from any event to tag match daily at least then ppl will start to doing tag matches, or sweeten the deal add more outfits to merchant ..... make it more of a farm sol ppl do it more ....


arena is soooo dead .

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Not many people arena, only returnees do arena. It's dead and everyone always gets everyone else nerfed because they can't win to get their class to be the best again, another reason why no one but campers is going to do Arena events and they already get a lot of benefits already.

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