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Timestop - 71 second response time...


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My very limited impression is that performance is better outside of battle, but the long lockups in battle are not gone.  Just had a long lockup in Irontech Forge, final battle.  Here is a record of the battle from my perspective:



Notice battle went into intense mode @ 13:17:01.  Notice there are no more messages until 13:18:12 -- end of battle.  That's my battle -- nothing -- no update last ping on screen was 123ms (not bad) and frame rate was @ 22FPS -- also, not bad.  Both of those are in line with what I said about overall performance being better  -- before , before a freeze, pings were over 270 and FPS were around 4.


So except for the 71 second 'freeze', things are better .... :tears:


My system was, otherwise, fine -- i.e. I could tab out to desktop -- just that program was "not responding".


If you could disable   xigncode for a release, I could probably find outo where it is hanging.  I suspect it will likely point to it waiting for

some network update, so will do next best thing and try a network trace.


It does make it difficult to participate in a battle.  Oh, yeah, that green DPS figure at the bottom -- that was me  ... :tears:




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