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New launcher very poor at updating.


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The new launcher sucks at updating.  The old one downloaded at full speed ~ 4MB/s   The new one downloads and stops and downloads and stops averaging about 170KB/s.  It claims I can start game and button switches to update, but text says game is ready even though it is still updating.  Tried an it just hung.  Tried starting again, but wouldn't restart, so quit launcher and restarted -- it claims it is updating at very slow speed, and it claims game is ready , but if I press start game, update cancels and start game goes away and it says update available.  It seems it gets very confused -- claims update is available and claims it is ready and offers to start game, which only cancels progress on update.


But worst of all, something that used to take 10 minutes takes over 45-60 minutes!  Why is it so slow when old updater was so fast?



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