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the new launcher wont update


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On 3/27/2019 at 8:39 PM, Etherstar said:

I have been trying to update my client for hours now, regardless even if I run it in administrator mode it won't work.


I wish I saw this starting out.


If you give us a downloader that's broken or flakey, maybe first priority should be getting us the download URL

and how to apply the patch.  Let us do it locally so we can ensure it gets done.


Problem is for support to do their job of support the game, we first have to have the game installed.


Everything relies on that -- and everything was working as far as downloading and install (launch and running...different matters, but

downloading and install seemed to have been near perfect, though having the launch re-checksum files on every launch is a bit painful.


But you should allow users to put that name into a browser (or file download util) and download it someplace and

tell us where to unpack it and what to run.  It seems to be alot more reliable than the new launcher.


Figures -- old one worked mostly fine, so of course that had to be fixed....why so classic?  :-(



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