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Why do you remove Solar energy-based exchange for upgrading verdant nightstone?

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I thought I can finally get 3 TT-set on my alts by spending like 500 solar energy for lavender (purple) to get the 3rd piece. Take me a while to get those energies through daily challenges, cuz I missed the chance to run MSP 1-6 on alts during MSP event.


But as I visit MSP, there are no longer any solar-based exchange. There are not even any replacement exchange. Tawny and Lavender Nightstones just get removed from MSP vendor.


Then I discovered that they are now in Cold Storage vendor, asking for Lesser Demon Spirit Stone. You know that these stones are used to craft Sacred Oils, right? After NCWest underhandedly wipe out people's hard-earned pre-patch Demon Spirt Stone, they become too valuable to exchange for Tawny and Lavender Nightstones. Even on alts, you want to hoard those in case you want to craft a massive amount of oils.


MSP is now dead, outside of daily MSP 1-3 for free keys and good gold. No ones bother to run MSP 4-6 anymore due to lacking of x2 loot bonus, so it is no longer another source for people who want TT soul shield 1-5. Thus, despite of being the only way to get yellow/purple stones, no one bother to runs it.


Meanwhile, Moon Refuse only ofter up to VT soul shields.


Can NCWest consider either:


-Adding back Tawny and Lavender Nightstones exchange via Solar Energy to either MSP or Cold Storage vendor? It will help players who have trouble finding TT raid to get at least 5 TT soul shield set, providing they have spent efforts logging in the game to do daily challenges on multi alts.


-Adding back Tawny and Lavender Nightstones exchange, but using moonlight buds in Moon Refuse. This way, people will actively engage more in this new content.

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8 minutes ago, wcnighthawk said:

If you have a Hive Queen Wings, you can buy them from the vendor in the Dasari Trading area.  The achievement requirements have been removed.

he means TT soul shield not VT

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This change really bothers me too. They bring MSP back only to immediately make it useless again? What am I supposed to do with all my verdant nightstones now? Waste my few lesser demon stones on a merchant I can only talk to between CS bosses? Brilliant.


I would have gone ahead and used my nightstones if I had known this change was coming. But no, they ninja remove the usefulness of my hundreds of black rose feathers, frozen orbs, and demon spirit stones and this too. Thanks, NCSoft.

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Saw this on the first day after the patch and thought it was an error.
It was never mentioned to remove the trade option in msp.
Player hoped, they remove the solar energy or use something else for it.


And now it's in CS. The best place of all with the 24h lock. It has also nothing to do with msp. And we need the new stones which we need collect from the beginning again.


MSP 4-6 is no longer played either. We need back the double loot on weekends.
Would be nice to see the 5 TT`s in Moon Refuge too.


I guess, they won`t do it. But hey, they did this:

Mysterious Merchant
TT 1: 0560 perks_xp_currencies.png
TT 2: 0680 perks_xp_currencies.png
TT 3: 0790 perks_xp_currencies.png
TT 4: 0900 perks_xp_currencies.png
TT 5: 1130 perks_xp_currencies.png
TT 6: 1460 perks_xp_currencies.png
TT 7: 1800 perks_xp_currencies.png
TT 8: 2250 perks_xp_currencies.png


easy gold source ---> no problem


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