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Downloader issues and Unreal Engine 4 Question

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About a week and half ago I wanted to try this game out,  I downloaded the game in 1 shot no problems in about 2 hours.  After playing it a little bit I decided to uninstall it and didn't really give it much of a chance.  After watching a few videos on youtube I decided to give it another try yesterday.  I downloaded the launcher again and it seems it has been changed to a new launcher?  Its a different one from the one I used last week though,  and I keep getting errors,  the game will download for a while without issues,  but after about 500mb - 1.5gb of downloaded data it will suddenly throw an error saying "File failed to download" or some other type of thing requiring me to re-start the launcher in witch case it takes a few minutes to validate files and continues downloading from where it left off and eventually after about 500mb-1.5gb it throws the same error.  It also did this to me the first time I installed the launcher causing me to have to reinstall the launcher.  Is there a fix for this?  Was the launcher recently changed,  because a week ago it was a different "Downloader" and it worked flawlessly.


Also have a question,  I saw a video on youtube witch showcased some additions to the game including a new class and some other stuff as well as an Upgrade to Unreal Engine 4?  Is it really getting a UE4 upgrade,  if so when? and is there anywhere I can read up more on it?

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They literally changed it last wednesday. And it's full of bugs. In other words we have been voluntold as QAs.


On the point of the new trailer - they've been teasing us with that UE4 update for over a year now. They know their game runs like a *insert derogatory term for a fecal mass* and people keep leaving cause of it, so they had to make something up in order to keep some players around. On the point of the new class, noone knows for now. But word around the underground is that it's been into testing for some time now, so it shouldn't be too long.

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21 minutes ago, MassiveEgo said:


ok thanks,  last week it downloaded without issue,  now its completely screwed up.  UE4 update looks great though, hopefully that comes sooner than later,  figures eastern gets it first.

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