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Constant stuttering everywhere and every 30s


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Hello there,


About the stuttering, I get that almost everywhere, I'm pretty sure it's related to one graphical option but can't narrow which one it is... And on the hardware part, I think you can't fault my computer, I have not ANY issue in other games. Here's my computer specs :

- Intel Core i7-8700K

- 32GB RAM

- GeForce GTX 1080 8GB 

- SDD Hard Drive PCIe

- FTTH connection 1Gb/350Mb

- Windows 10 1809 fully up to date

- Latest GeForce drivers 419.67


I don't have any lag, I don't have any bandwith issues, this is not a HDD or RAM issue, my CPU has enough power.


These stuttering, every 30s, are killing the game for me totally. If anyone have a clue how I can solve this or if this is a known issue, thanks for helping or telling me.


The feeling is it could be related to how the interface is updating, or it could be when there's texture load, but there some kind of bottleneck or memory leak...


I tried to disable options like V-Sync, FPS limiter, etc... even a few option for the interface itself (names, skills highlights), nothing will do, still get those hiccups.


Kind regards.

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Didn't think of this one, but I'll give it a try and keep you posted.


Today, I hadn't got any lag yet but i seems to worsen the more time I play (not a heat issue as my card is constant in temperature and far from hot (52°C).


EDIT// Does't seems to be this as I  have stutters again... Very strange issue. But every big update of the interface do cause those stutters, with or without VSync...

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5 hours ago, FrancoisH said:

Thanks, but not linked to CPU throttling. Thought of that as well.

Did you try:


disable bluetooth

disable windows FTH

add the game folder as exception to antivirus and windows defender (some AV's do realtime scanning even when the game is running)

MAde sure your GPU is set under nvidia control panel (if you use nvidia) and double check the settings under there as they can force certain options on the game.

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