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Awakened Destroyer PvP Combo Guide by Niisam


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Just thought I'd help some fellow destroyers out. I heard a lot are complaining that they cannot dish out much damage in this patch (atleast in pvp). 




If anyone has suggestions I'm open to hearing them :)

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Great job, mate, i can't wait to test this out! I've been dying for new destro pvp tutorial. Can you please elaborate on extending crowd controls (i didn't get the part on cc stacking, if you start with stun then daze they won't be able to F out, and does it need some kind of timing or you can just do it in last stun second, also if you daze after a daze will they be able to roll out ?), and maybe share the secret of ss flick (macro or pure skill) and C4 (do you spam 4 while charging to cancel the air part of C).

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