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Third spec speculations.

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Hey, I just wanted to have your third specialisation opinions on what it could be. 


If you don't have the knowledge of the future specs, mind that you can check the plans KR devs have for them : https://pastebin.com/uBG1EnqC (translated by a reddit member a few months ago)

Also know that names might be able to change, f.e. Black Tortoise ended up to be Black Wolf for KFM's 3rd specialisation


Destro "Guardian" : I was thinking of a gameplay based around the shield, but like.. the npcs that does wield shields but in a Destroyer manner obviously. Which could be interesting if you want my opinion.


FM "Ying Yang" (xd) : using shadow and light, like you used to use fire and ice. Now most of ice skills are ice, and most of fire skills are fire with obviously a few differences. (ccs, pt protect)


Summoner "Familiar" : we've seen the preview during the world tournament, the giant cat.


BD "Ghostblade" : probably going to be like Spirit BM, with a few differences.


WL "Possession" : similar to Summoner, we've seen a very slight preview of that during the world tournament. "Great Thrall" throwing off Dragoncalls :3


SF "Heavenly Water" : I don't really know to be honest. Seeing the description it feels like you just not gonna need to press Tab to switch stance and that we will have skills such as V on element stance that switch auto to melee stance after the animation has ended. Not really sure about that one to be honest.


Gunner "Quickfire" : I usually don't really care about Gunners since it's like hold a button to burst 4 billions. However, I'm curious to see this "focusing on close-range abilities", it would be nice to see a ranged class having a spec that let them change their gameplay drastically.


Warden "Limitbreaker" : just give them TD so there's no more bs between WL and WAR. It's even worse now since all WLs pretty much switch to Shadow, and using TD means losing their Empo. Helix which is not something one would like to do at all. Besides, TD is more useful for melee players, so it'd make sense if Warden has TD more than SB.


Sin "Shadow" : I kept Assassinat the end because it's complex. We recently got awakening and the spec that was supposed to be called "Void" actually is called by the same name as the third spec. Now mind that it's just translation but I didn't want to create confusion. 

However, due to the description of "using shadows for the battle", I can suppose the fighting style will be similar to what we can see on the Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan teaser/trailer.



It's a bit of a shame that third specs are being released one at a time. You'd need more or less a month at best to release every specs, we still have 9 classes left so that's a minimum of 9 months, unless they are changing plans again.

Also the fact they are making Archer as well. (not sure if all specs will be available for Archer or just two)

For the end, mind that all these specs ideals are also subject to change despite looking good so far.

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i was hopping the BNS staff make it like ArenaNet Staff on GW2 release all class specs in one big patch/expansion. Both are ncsoft, but bns ncwest need get advises with arenanet.

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1 hour ago, Nomade13 said:

i was hopping the BNS staff make it like ArenaNet Staff on GW2 release all class specs in one big patch/expansion. Both are ncsoft, but bns ncwest need get advises with arenanet.

Why? They can basically make players hype for a whole year or more, if they release one class per 1.5-2 months. When a new spec releases, it will attract players to try out/return to the game to check it out, keeping them busy for a while.


Meanwhile, they will have time developing other contents, as well as something that wallet-draining.

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