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I love this game so much, but I just have some personal concerns.


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                              I have been seeing a lot of anxiety, anger, and frustration with the games choices and changes that have been made recently for BnS. For me personally, I feel IMMENSELY proud to see the immense growth for the past 3 years of NA and EU release, not only mentioning the original opening in 2012 with so much that has come from both servers.  While I do feel a bit restricted with the need to upgrade with "buy to win" playstyle at times, I am more concerned about the decrease of material needs, with the in-game token purchases for somewhat difficult equipment, lowering a lot of dungeon difficulty with the decrease of upgrading hassles, which on one hand is always very good for quick progress.  However, not needing to do the dungeons any longer for those materials, while making it faster to continue, it results in the loss of a lot of the good content and hard work to be put into getting high materials more than a pay to win mentality. 


                                Without the need for the dungeons to progress with upgrades, and decreasing the amount of materials to the point where the several dungeons become close to useless, I think it would be necessary to try to create a good balance to the amount of materials and time for the community through the game to not be too hard for all players, especially with those first starting to get into endgame, but to still keep a priority for materials, upgrades, and work that can push players in a game like this, especially with lower level weapon work and priority that can set good standards and work for higher level upgrades that are in place now for endgame, while still maintaining a balance for the pay to win gameplay that can be vitally important for any business to stay up and move players willing to spend their money faster.  This kind of thing reminded me of the new update with Cold Storage and Heavens Mandate boosts for higher materials and gold. 


                      However, even through my multiple opinions and others that share a lot of concerns, criticisms, and compliments, I have to say I am so glad to have found this game, and even through future updates, I will continue to support this game.  It has a kind of style and gameplay for something I have never seen before for any MMORPG game out there. The fighting and combat systems growing today, continuous storyline, the growing community, the business behind it, and the continuous effort put behind, it with love and care for the quality of this game continuously growing today makes me truly happy and reminds me of the level of quality in this game every time, and I'm very excited to see how much more the game and the people behind it will be able offer to thousands of people in the future.   

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